We offer three types of alpacas for sale based upon the quality of the fiber they produce. We also offer packages tailored to our clients specific needs and we offer discounts for multiple or return purchases. For those needing it we offer financing at zero percent interest for 1 year. We will do everything possible to help you realize your dream!

Pet Quality. Our pet quality alpacas are older males (some females) whose fiber has become "robust" and we prefer not to process it. It is usable fiber but it tends to be coarse. All of our pet quality alpacas are friendly, have no issues being penned together and are nice grazers that will keep your grass short. They are sold at a nominal fee and come as a package "buy one, get one 1/2 price".

Fiber quality. Our fiber quality alpacas are non-breeding males that have fiber that can be spun into beautiful yarns. They are the ones we use to make yarns for our store. We also hand spin their fiber and hand knit the yarn to make finished products. These are usually younger males that are not destined to become breeding males. They sell for a higher price (less than $1,000) than the pet quality alpacas but they are still very affordable. They too can be purchased at a discounted price.

Breeding Females. Our breeding females are sold to those wishing to diversify their bloodlines or to new breeders entering the alpaca market. These females range in age from juvenile (less than 1 year) to mature females 3-15 years old. Price for these females vary based upon the quality of the fiber and cria they produce as well as projected future cria production. Generally speaking our breeding females start at $3,500. NOTE: All females come bred or with a free breeding. This means that the price of each female is actually for two alpacas.

Packaging. We will package any number of alpacas to fit your needs.

Financing. With 30% down, take up to 1 year to pay at no additional charge. 30% due at six months with balance due at 12 months. Take possession of your alpacas with your down payment. ARI certificates will be held until paid in full.

Guarantees. All pregnant alpacas come with a live birth guarantee and free breed back. All female maiden alpacas are guaranteed to be reproductive sound. If they fail to produce cria we will take them back and refund your money. Male alpacas come with no reproductive guarantees unless they have been used in a breeding program and have produced viable cria.