Do you now own alpacas but are wondering what to do with them? Do you have questions but your seller refuses to get back to you? Are you frustrated because a deal that was "too good to be true" has suddenly left you wondering whether you made the right decision?

We can help. We have over 6 years experience in the world of raising alpacas and can help with all of your questions. Need help giving shots and clipping toenails? We can help. Confused about how to deworm and when? We can help. Overwhelmed with terms like crimp, staple length, density, fineness, leg fiber, neck fiber, blanket fiber, skirting, sorting and knitting? We can help.

Whether you are a novice, inexperienced researcher, or seasoned veteran, we can help with animal husbandry and fiber processing issues. At our farm or yours, it does not matter.

For $500.00 per person (or couple if co-owned) for either animal husbandry OR fiber processing, we will work with you until you are "humming" on your own. Need help in both areas? We offer a discounted fee of $750.00 per person.

Call us at 724.852.4084 to get started enjoying your alpacas!