Miniature stuffed alpacas.

Price: $18,00 (includes tax)
Size: 6 inch
Colors: Various


Stuffed alpaca bears.

Price: $30.00 and $50.00 (includes tax)
Size: 9 inch (approximate) Mama and 12 inch (approximate) Papa
Colors: Various

Finger Puppets

Handmade finger puppets of many popular characters. Some native (Peruvian people, alpacas, etc) and some international (Shrek, Spiderman, etc.)

Price: $3.00 (includes tax)
Size: one-size
Colors: Various


Make your own felted alpaca! Kit includes alpaca form, white and black fiber and 2 felting needles. Select one fiber sample. Additional fiber samples are $3.00 each. SUPERVISION SUGGESTED FOR PRE-TEENS

Price: $18.00 (includes tax)
Size: 4 inch (approximate)
Colors: Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange and Green

 Activity Book

Activity book that instructs on one page while having the child perform an activity on the other. Explores history of Andean natives, alpacas and llamas. Includes cookie cutter to make alpaca sugar cookies!

Price: $4.00 (includes tax)