Extreme Wx Sox

Extreme Socks 

Extreme alpaca socks, marketed by the Alpaca Fiber Co-op of North America (AFCNA). These socks are made from raw material grown by North American alpaca farmers. The sock yarn is spun in Nazareth, PA and the socks are made outside of Philadelphia. The socks come in three styles. The longest sock is the EXTREME BOOT SOCK, the medium sock is the EXTREME SOCK, and the short sock is the EXTREME SLIPPER SOCK.

We GUARANTEE that these socks will outperform any sock or sock combination that you currently use or your money will be refunded.

Price: Extreme: $26.00; Boot: $28.00
Size: 9-11; 10-13; 13-15
Colors: Only color shown




Outdoorsman and Survival Socks

These are the socks that are replacing the extreme socks depicted above. The outdoorsman sock is a tall sock that extends to mid-calf or above. The survival sock is crew sock that extends to below calf. The outdoorsman sock is made with 75% alpaca while the survival sock is made with 78%.

Outdoorsman - $28.00; Survival - $26.00
Size: 9-11; 10-13;; 13-15
Colors: As shown


Hunter Socks

Medium weight alpaca crew socks ideally suited for a medium weight shoe, walking shoe, or sneakers. Made with 80% baby alpaca and 10% nylon and 10% spandex.

Price: $25.00
Size: Medium and Large
Colors: Charcoal and Grey as shown

Diabetic Sox

Warrior Diabetic Socks 

Alpaca low compression, high expansion socks. Perfect for those with poor circulation or Diabetics. Very soft, with enough substance to keep the socks in place, while being easy on the calf. Unisex socks!

Price: $25.00
Size: M (fits shoe size 6-9); L (fits shoe size 10-13)
Colors: Off White and Black

Lodge Socks

Lodge Socks 

Hefty non-slip footwear to layer over other socks for toasty inside wear! If you're like us, you know nothing beats Alpaca for keeping feet warm & comfortable. The Lodge Sock features a grippy no-skid snowflake pattern printed on the sole. Soft, warm, cozy, & durable. Perfect for lounging 'round a fireplace on a cold winter's night. Use gentle wash with cold water and use the lowest setting on dryer. They are a blend of alpaca with microfiber & cotton.

Price: $ 36.00
Size: M, L, XL (Men and Women)
Colors: Light Silver Grey and Tobacco Brown


Jacquard Crew Sock

This medium weight crew sock is made with 80% baby alpaca and 15% nylon and 5% spandex. it is an ideal sock for a medium weight shoe and will provide excellent warmth.

Price: $25.00
Size: Medium and Large
Colors: Multi as shown

Fair Isle Crew 

Fair Isle Socks

Mid-calf, patterned trouser-weight sock in a soft blend of Alpaca, Pima Cotton, Nylon, & Lycra. Light enough & tall enough for ski boots. Machine washable in cold. Lay flat to dry.

Price: $22.00
Size: M, L, XL
Colors: Multi-Color as shown

Herd Socks

Herd Socks

Playful image-patterned socks are great for all occasions or as a fun-filled gift.  Soft blend of baby alpaca and viscose bamboo.  Machine washable in cold & dryable on low.

Price: $22.00
Size: M, L
Colors: Medium Grey with colorful accents (Alpacas, Sheep, Snowman, Hearts, Pine tree)

NEAFP Diabetic Socks

Gentle Touch Diabetic Socks 

This light-weight alpaca sock is designed to meet all the needs of a diabetic. The top part of the sock is made with a non restrictive knit to help circulation issues while staying up on the calf throughout the day. The sole of the foot is terry looped for comfort and warmth. Reinforced Heel, Toe, and Arch-band for a proper fit. Hypo-allergenic, undyed, and odor resistant.

These socks are on clearance!!

Original Price: $25.00 Clearance Price: $12.00
Size: M, L, XL
Colors: Light, Medium and Dark Brown (As shown)


Sport Socks

Medium weight alpaca socks ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities. Available in brown, black, green, and grey (not white). These socks are being discontinued and will not be replaced once current stocks are depleted.

Original Price: $27.00 Sale Price: $21.60
Size: M, L, XL
Colors: As shown (not white) Not all colors in all sizes


Men's Alpaca "A" Dress Socks

Men's alpaca "A" dress socks for all occasions.

Original Price: $15.00 Sale Price: $12.00
Size: Medium
Color x Quantity: Charcoal x 4 and Black x 4


Men's Warrior Dress Socks

Classic men's crew dress sock in alpaca.

Original Price: $19.00 Sale Price: $15.20
Size: Large
Color x Quantity: Black x 3


Men's Classic Crew Socks

Ribbed men's dress crew sock in black.

Original Price: $20.00 Sale Price: $16.00
Size: M, L, XL
Quantity: Medium-6; Large-4; XLarge-5


Men's Paca Socks

Mens crew dress sock in charcoal, black and grey.

Original Price: $19.00 Sale Price: $15.20
Size: L, XL
Quantity: Large - Charcoal 5; Grey 1
XLarge - Charcoal 9; Black 2

 Boot Liners

Boot Liners

These thick felted alpaca fiber insoles provide a tremendous amount of insulation between your feet and the cold ground. They range in size from medium to X-Large. Get a size larger than your shoe and trim to fit with scissors. To extend the life of the felted pad, place it underneath removable insoles. The come in thick and thin.

Price: $12.00
Size: M,L,XL
Colors: Grey (Brown are sold out and cannot be restocked)